Les Vidéos Cultes Des Mecs De Cokto : MISTER HERNANDEZ

Businessman Carlos Hernandez is a frequent traveller. Spending a lot of nights in hotels he enjoys staying in his room and relaxing with some adult films. Since the hotel employees are aware what filthy movies this businessman has been watching they take advantage of this opportunity to blackmail him. While he hurriedly makes his way out to the airport he's confronted by the staff who demand he pay a premium to keep their discretion. If he's not willing to shell out the cash they are going to take it out on his arse.
Big muscular businessman Mr Hernandez is proud and wealthy. He's used to being obeyed and not ordered around by bellboys and receptionists who demand money off him. When he's taken into the manager's office he expects to have this matter sorted out, but instead the pervy manager gropes him and whips his trousers down to play with his arse. He's caught on camera by Toby spouting a string of expletives while he's ruthlessly exposed.
The hotel employees take control of burly hunk Mr Hernandez's cock and film him. Now they've got recorded evidence of his nudity and threats he's made they completely own his arse. They use this as leverage to get their pervy pleasure fingering his hetero hole, plunging in so deep the big man hollers in furious surprise. The loud insults the businessman hurls at them only spurs them on to take advantage of his arse more.
The clothed employees have the naked businessman by the balls. They tug on his dick and balls while Bobby films him as evidence to blackmail the brawny guy with. They use a cock pump to drain him of his sperm. With the pressure and stimulating sensation he can't stop them from arousing him powerfully and making him cum.

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